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424 E. Vermilion Street • Lafayette, Louisiana 70501
Open by Appointment or Chance
For More Information; Call Lue Svendson at (337) 344-9207 — Eric Svendson at (337) 288-5471

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Lue Svendson • Svendson Studios

Lue Svendson Bio PhotoLouisiana native Lue Svendson is a painter and a landscape architect. Lue’s work in paint and nature exist worldwide in Dubai, Costa Rica and the United States.

Born in 1952, Lue was influenced to think creatively from a young age. Since she was a young girl she has had a natural ability in drawing using pencil, charcoal and watercolor. She was pushed by her parents in this direction and an artistic heritage. As she got older, she moved toward her professional choice to combine her love of art and nature to become a landscape architect. Her education and work in landscape architecture put solidly in focus, by intensive exercise and discipline, design principles relating to shape, space, line, scale, color and texture. Lue enjoys working in varied styles with different materials thus keeping both she and her art fresh.

While she and her husband raised three children, Lue worked as a landscape architect and has remained active in the community and church. In an average year she donates many paintings to charitable organizations, schools, churches and social organizations. With oil paints her selected medium Lue paints as often as she can creating many scenes from the local area. She paints what she knows best; the woods and the prairies of South Louisiana.

Although Lue has been painting only a few years, her experience as a professional designer brings a cultured maturity to her work. The work produced since 2002 has created more than 20 shows for galleries and art events in the Lafayette and Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.

Lue has been influenced by the techniques of Sergei Bongart, George Inness and her teacher Pat Bourque of Lafayette, Louisiana. Often than her degree in landscape architecture from LSU, her art education has consisted of individual art classes and seminars. She is a member of the Lafayette Art Association.

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424 E. Vermilion Street • Lafayette, Louisiana 70501
Open by Appointment or Chance
For More Information; Call Lue Svendson at (337) 344-9207 — Eric Svendson at (337) 288-5471

Artist Statement

Lue Svendson • Svendson Studios Lue's-Profile-Picture

The primary inspiration for my work is the challenge to recreate the beauty of the natural landscape on canvas. For me that is a technical challenge as well as artistic. This is done by a mixture of oil and wax on black canvas to create a dynamic that is exciting as well as peaceful. It is my version of a minimalism concentrating on edges. The edges of the sky and the land and the buildings and the trees create the whole. It is about shape and color and how it is all put together to give the view the feeling of what I see and feel.

Using images from my travels I paint mostly in my studio and plain air whenever I can. I feel a constant need to create or to express myself on paper, canvas or in my garden. To keep the variety that I crave I paint on old doors, canvas, boards, serving trays, place mats and any other found object that attracts me. I use gold and silver leaf as the sky, water or as the matt. These pieces become a partnership of my work and what the artifact was in another life. Metal leaf gives it a richness and ages the work to give it a character that is very distinctive.

Framing has always been a huge part of my artwork. I enjoy the marriage of my work and the perfect frame. I shop for old frames at garage and estates sales and shop online across the U.S. for quality frames. Often I choose a frame first and paint a piece to go in that particular frame. Frames are certainly a part of my creative process that I enjoy very much.

All of my work represents a time period in my life that is very full and varied. I do not paint consistently creating the same style every time. I like the challenge of new work, people and places. My art reflects that.

Lue Painting
Lue Painting
Lue Painting
Dubai Costa Rica, United States

Lue’s work in paint & nature exist world wide in Dubai, Costa Rica and the U.S.

Landscape Architecture Oil Paintings, Photography

Louisiana native Lue Svendson is a painter and a landscape architect.

24 x 36 Oil On Canvas

Winter Marsh

14 x 18 Mixed Media On Canvas

Sunset Oak

18 x 24 Mixed Media


12 x 24 Oil & Gold Leaf On Canvas

Colors of the Sun

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