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November 2015

Welcome to Lue Svendson Studios


Welcome Svendson Studios is now open in Downtown Lafayette Louisiana at 424 E. Vermillion St. The studio is located in a beautiful home which is on Lafayette’s Historic Register. Lue Svendson is excited to be in Lafayette representing her own work, and her son Eric Svendson’s photography. (Svendson Studios is open by appointment or [...]

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October 2015

Oil Paintings


Oil Paintings Lue’s modern impressionist style of artistry conveys her admiration of nature in a way that glorifies the beauty of our natural surroundings. Her one-of-a-kind oil paintings are available for purchase and gallery consignment. Her artistic talent and skill are also available for commission. Click the photo above to see samples of her [...]

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August 2015

Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture Lue brings her love of the natural world and passion for creativity to physical realization by designing unique landscapes to wonderfully enrich and transform your surroundings whether for home, business or community real estate. Click the photo above to see samples of her projects.

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July 2015

Lue’s Bio / Credentials


Louisiana native Lue Svendson is a painter and a landscape architect. Lue’s work in paint and nature exist world wide in Dubai, Costa Rica and the United States. Born in 1952, Lue was influenced to think creatively from a young age. Since she was a young girl she has had a natural ability in drawing [...]

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